Faculty Support

Increasing support for our faculty—the Law School’s backbone—is a top priority.  The establishment of endowed faculty positions like professorships and chairs help attract preeminent legal scholars and experienced practitioners to UConn Law; a blend that characterizes the outstanding reputation of our approach to legal education.


Endowed professorships and chairs typically enhance an existing faculty position and recognize the donor’s generosity through the naming of the position.  Such positions receive private funding that can be used to supplement the position’s salary and make possible the types of special activities and programs – conferences, guest speakers, scholarly research – the attract distinguished world-class educators and elevate the Law School’s national and international profile.


The following are minimum gifts necessary to establish an endowed faculty position:


Faculty In-Residence                  $150,000

Associate Professorship              $300,000

Visiting Professorship                 $500,000        

Professorship                              $750,000

Chair                                        $1,500,000

Deanship                                  $3,000,000


The minimum gift necessary to establish an endowment to provide general support for the Law School’s faculty, without the naming of position, is $50,000.


To learn more, please contact the Development Office.